Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Thailand Vacation

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's the year of the pig, and should be a good one... Here is the special "New Year" structure that we look at through our window. Isn't it beautiful?

February 18th was Chinese New Year. The children had no school for 2 weeks, and Mike worked a few hours a day at home that first week. It was so wonderful, for everyone except Jay, who was sick the whole week. We finally got him some antibiotics and he got better before our trip to Thailand. The day before we left, Jay,Eli, Mike and I, went down the street to Plum Blossom Hill, where the blossoms were in full bloom. It was beautiful!

The second week of the break, we went back to Thailand. The children had enjoyed it so much last year, they asked if we could go back. It was a fantastic trip. Beautiful, hot weather, plenty to do, good food, relaxation, and fun times together. We really did have a great time. Rachel, Nicole, Mike, and I spent a day scuba-diving, and that was so much fun. Here are some pictures of our trip. I tried not to repeat scenes too much from when we went last year.

One day while the kids were playing at kid's club, Mike and I rented a motorcycle, and took-off to check out Phuket. We wanted to rent a small scooter, but worried it wouldn't get Mike up the huge hills that are everywhere. We had a great time! Here is possibly my favorite picture of the trip...we saw it on our travels.

Some of the performances the kids participated in...

Trapeze fun! All of the kids really enjoyed learning new tricks on the trapeze...

Eli is so good, he doesn't even have to look while golfing! This was a favorite pass-time for the boys, and they wanted to to play every afternoon.

Fun at the Beach!

The buffet was a big high-light for the kids (OK, Mike and I as well). Eli never wanted to eat real food, but always wanted several bowls of ice cream and a plate of treats (he wasn't ever happy when we had to pick some healthy stuff, too)!