Sunday, June 15, 2008

Last Blog Entry Before Summer

This has been a very eventful year for us. The children will finish school this next Friday. Yes...a long school year. These last couple of weeks have been busy. We enjoyed Dragon Boat Festival, and the school play. We are looking forward to seeing our family, and some good friends, too. This summer is a bit up in the air, as I will possibly have hip surgery done the first of July. We are going to play it by ear, though the children have huge plans for playing with cousins. Rachel and Nicole will head to EFY and Caitlin, her first year at girl's camp. Here are just a few photos of some things from the last couple of weeks.

The traditional food of the Dragon Boat festival is a sticky-rice wrapped in Bamboo leaves. It usually has a flavor, and maybe a small piece of meat or sometimes other scary things :-) Here is Caitlin unwrapping hers. We thought we should try them out. You will notice that she has a very special treat on her plate with it...Tortilla chips. Very expensive, but sometimes available from a foreign food shop. We thought we should eat something we know is good with it. We didn't try the scary-looking shrink-wrapped eggs that came with them.

Up close.. Honestly, some of them tasted pretty good, and some of them were not good at all. We'll just say it was an experience. They were given to us by the hotel.

After I was told to stop running, Mike and I gave each other Mountain Bikes for Christmas. We have been loving going out early Saturday mornings. There are a lot of beautiful places, some nice and smooth like these, and some really rocky and tough ones. LOTS of uphill. It's a really great thing to do together. I will miss it SO much, since I won't be able to do this with him for a while.

These are some photos I took here in Nanjing this last week.

School Play

The school play was this weekend. They put on Midsummer Night's Dream. The girls worked very hard and the play was really great. Rachel played Helena ( In love with Demetrius, who didn't love her back), Nicole Titania (the Fairy Queen), and Caitlin was a fairy. Here are some photos of their play.

Here is Rachel(I mean Hermia) BEGGING Demetrius to love her. Poor desperate thing!!!!

Here is the Donkey Coli (or Titania) falls in love with.

And here is the donkey asleep on her lap :-)

Helena and Hermia(played by Rachel's good friend Maria)discussing love...

Titania and Oberon, the Fairy King.

Caitlin, a cute yellow fairy.

Titania and Oberon...

The boys fighting over Rachel, I mean Helena.

Dancing fairy Caitlin...

"How could you do this to me!!!!"