Saturday, September 08, 2007

There is a new feature on blogger, I thought I'd try. Here is a video of lots of people going to work. I took it from the car, but I guess that's obvious.

These last couple of weeks have been good and busy. A couple of things I wanted to mention:

For family night, we had a "talent night". It was hilarious. Rachel and Nicole did a lip sinc. Caitlin and Eli did a mime. Jay played a guitar song he made up(he doesn't really know how to play the guitar). I played the William Tell Overture in a hand-clapping, knee slapping presentation. And for the finally, Mike burped the alphabet. What talent we all have :-) Anyway, it was a pretty funny night.

I went took Eli to the dentist the other day. He is a Chinese dentist, but the only one in town who speaks English. He's pretty much got a monopoly with the foreigners. He charges even more than the can imagine how much that is in a Chinese economy. Anyway, that is off the subject. Back to the story...He said he had read a Chinese newspaper the other day, and there was an article on Expatriates living in Nanjing. They said in the paper that there is even a family with 5 children living here in Nanjing! He was very proud to know who it was. A city of over 7 million, and our family is possibly the largest one!

Mike and I got up really early the other morning and went to Mochu lake. His office is moving south of town in a couple of weeks, and he's never had a chance to see it. You have to go early or you miss the party there. This is the park where there are people doing everything. Calligraphy, jazzercise, ti chi, singing, Chinese yo-yos, ballroom dancing, walking birds in cages, cards, majang, exercising. I'll stop the list there. We had a wonderful time, and I'm excited to include some photos from our walk.

I want a bike like this!

I forgot to mention you could buy a fish and have it cleaned right there for you...

This guy was the best. He was doing this mini-half-step-jog thing, while walking his poodle and reading the paper at the same time! Unfortunately, it's tricky to get photos of people without being noticed, so I missed him with his paper out.

One of the beautiful scenes of Mochu Lake.

This boat has seen better days, but it has a certain beauty about it.

Here is a photo we took on the way back to work. Thought you'd like to see how crazy the bike-traffic can imagine all that with cars, busses, and chaos!