Thursday, February 05, 2009

This is why I was able to move to China

Since I married this man (Michael, in case you didn't know), I have been in boot camp for going the craziest, most unconventional route. I should have seen it coming, as we drove to the temple on the morning of our wedding through the back roads (to be fair, it was horribly icy) form Bountiful to Salt Lake. Mike has spent the last 18 years stretching my way of thinking. Taking the "scenic road". This was demonstrated when we went to Zion's National Park about three months after our marriage. We drove up a side road, and the car was backed into 8 inches of sand, making for a very interesting trip, and a new transmission for the car we borrowed from Tricia. Mike has always been one to help us look for the adventurous way. I could go on and on with stories to show this. While at times this can be uncomfortable, and, well, crazy, it's developed a love for adventure in me that I never knew I had. Thank you, sweetheart, for all of the fun.

So, here is a perfect example the type of experiences that prepared me for China. Mike has wanted to walk on the ancient city wall for a long time. I know of a place to get on the wall, but you can't walk very far. I was ready to prove this to Mike. Well...As you can see, this didn't stop us. We just needed to get creative. Turns out we had a very good walk on the wall, although we figured out that we were in a military area! Luckily, they are mostly home for Chinese New Year. Phew! I'm getting used to that stomach in your throat feeling. I was pretty sure my Chinese isn't good enough to get us out of this one. Luckily, nobody saw us, we had a great walk, and well, another adventure. I love you Mike!

Most people would say, there's a wall, I guess this is the end of our road...