Saturday, May 02, 2009

Happy Birthday Nicole!

Nicole's birthday was this week. She was very excited. On her birthday, several friends made cakes and gave her gifts. Also, Caitlin and some of their friends threw a surprise birthday party for her. She was very excited. It isn't Nicole's turn to have a party this year (my children get a party every other year), but the party was somehow at our house and we bought the pizza... I shouldn't be confused, should I? We will have her family birthday tomorrow. She wants pavlova and chicken pockets for her special dinner. Nicole is a great fifteen year old, and we love her so much. Happy Birthday Nicole!

Here is the group right after they surprised her. The surprise was funny. Her friend Simone told her that Simone's mother wanted Nicole to come and get all of Nicole's clothes that were at Simone's house that Simone had borrowed. The day before, she came over to get more of Nicole's clothes. When Nicole was over getting the clothes from Simone, she was extremely confused because she had seen those clothes in her own room just the day before! Very tricky, huh? Simone, Rachel and Caitlin didn't make it into this photo.

NIcole's friend Levi made this cake for her.

My calling is in nursery right now. I LOVE it! We have had three little children, two little girls, and a little boy. Clara went back to the US a couple of weeks ago, so I wanted to take some photos (with their parents permission to be on my blog, of course!). Isaiah was out of town, so I didn't get any of him yet. I'll have to add that later.



Too cute!